Friday, September 23, 2011

FAQ #20: What assets can I keep (house, car, property)?

When filing bankruptcy as a resident of Massachusetts a debtor can choose to use the exemptions allowed under either State or Federal law, but you must choose one or the other. There are many exemptions that are similar under both schemes, such as the exemption of most qualified retirement plans. Click here to view a table of the maximum exemptions as of April 14, 2011 in categories where the state and federal exemptions differ significantly. On April 7, 2011 a new Massachusetts law went into effect significantly increasing the personal property of Massachusetts residents that is protected from seizure by creditors. Please note that these figures are subject to change and you should consult with an attorney to obtain the most current figures and to decide which option you should choose.

In addition certain types of income may also be exempt from the bankruptcy estate. You should consult with an attorney to obtain further information.

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