Wednesday, September 21, 2011

FAQ #19: Will I still be able to keep my checking account? If I choose to switch banks will they give me a checking account?

You will be able to keep your checking account, provided the balance in the account is below the maximum exemption limits. If you have a checking account that is associated with an overdraft account, or a credit card issued by the same bank and file bankruptcy, the bank cannot seize money from your checking account to cover the other debts. Banks are private institutions, so they can decide that they no longer want to do business with you. However, this does not mean that they can keep your money.

If your account is ever closed by your institution, you must be given the funds in the account by bank check. Some financial institutions will make inquiries into your credit history when opening a new account, although these inquiries are usually for the purposes of extending lines of credit or an overdraft account. In addition some institutions may review your check-writing through a service like TeleCheck to determine if you are a risk of passing insufficient checks.

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