Thursday, September 15, 2011

FAQ #17: Would I be able to refinance my home after filing?

Yes, and in many cases, you should. If you keep your home during the bankruptcy and do not reaffirm the debt, any later on-time payments will not be reflected on your credit report. This is due to a technical issue regarding the severability of mortgages and the note, and how debts are reported to the credit reporting agencies. However, paying off the existing mortgage and refinancing will have a much greater effect in rebuilding your credit.

Because bankruptcy (and often, the financial difficulties which gave rise to a bankruptcy filing) will make it difficult to obtain credit, many people will find it difficult to refinance immediately after bankruptcy. However, taking steps to repair credit (such as establishing a good repayment history on other reaffirmed debts or a secured credit card, maintaining a cash reserve, paying debts on time, and borrowing and repaying a small personal loan) can accelerate credit repair. If you take the proper steps to rebuild your credit following bankruptcy, you may be able to qualify for a refinance loan in as little as 2 years after your discharge.

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