Monday, October 8, 2012

A Step-By-Step for Bankruptcy Creditors: What to do when you receive a Notice of Bankruptcy.

If you receive a Notice of Bankruptcy, like the sample shown below, you should ensure that you know why you received it and what your rights are.  The first step is to read the Notice.  It contains much of the information you need to know, as well as instructions on what to do if you wish to respond.

Receiving a Notice such as this one, likely means that you are a creditor and the debtor is trying not to pay the debt they owe you.  But you may have remedies if you take action and know your rights.

Over the next series of posts we will help you understand the steps you should take when you receive a Notice of Bankruptcy.  The questions you need answered include:

What kind of Bankruptcy is it (most likely options include 7, 11 and 13)?

Are you actually a creditor, or did you receive the Notice for some other reason?

What are the important dates and deadlines I should keep in mind?

What is your exposure to liability if the debtor receives their discharge?

Should you hire a bankruptcy attorney to help you evaluate your claims?

Once you answer these questions you will be prepared to respond to the Notice of Bankruptcy, appropriately.


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