Tuesday, February 8, 2011

4 Facts Your Divorce Attorney Should know about Bankruptcy? Fact #3: Jurisdiction over Your Debts

The Divorce Court has the power to divide not just assets, but also debts. Just as the Court can assign the property titled to one spouse to the other spouse if the equities require, the Court can also order one spouse to pay the debts of the other spouse. But the Bankruptcy Court has the power to discharge debts. So what happens if the Divorce Court orders a spouse to pay a joint credit card debt, but the Bankruptcy Court gives that same spouse a discharge of that debt.

For purposes of this example, let's assume that the Husband and Wife were each ordered to pay half of a joint credit card debt. The Wife then files for bankruptcy and the credit card debt is discharged. Both the Husband and Wife were liable for the whole debt to the credit card company, but now only the Husband is liable to the credit card company. If the payment ordered by the divorce court is not categorized as a domestic support obligation (discussed in our next post) then the Wife no longer owes the debt to the credit card company or the Husband, and the Husband is left having to pay the entire debt.

It is possible for Separation Agreements or Divorce Judgments to avoid this problem by using assets to pay (or offset) debts, instead of trying to reassign debts. If enough assets are not available to do this then payments such as alimony, which are domestic support obligations, can be used instead to accomplish this same goal and avoid the discharge problem.

This issue can be further complicated when the debt that is at issue is a mortgage or secured debt. In order to avoid costly mistakes for divorce clients, we encourage divorce practitioners to consult with bankruptcy counsel when there is the potential that one party in the divorce will file for bankruptcy.

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