Friday, February 18, 2011

Sharing is Caring - Tumblr and QR Codes

At Kelsey & Trask, P.C. we try to use the latest technology to stay current on the newest laws, to help our clients communicate with us more efficiently and to stay connected with our friends, other professionals and our clients. You probably already know how to find us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and to download our iPhone Apps.

And now we've added two more ways to connect with us faster: QR Codes and a Tumblr page.

QR Codes:

A QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode readable on any smart phone with a camera. Just download a QR Code Reader (I use Neo Reader, which is free) and you can use the camera in your phone to read the Code. For example, if you scan the Code to the right you would be taken to our mobile News & Media webpage.

We've also incorporated QR Codes into our latest business cards (pictured below). If you scan the Codes on our business card you will be taken to our mobile contact page. From there you can get directions to our office, call us, or download our contact information straight to your phone's contacts (via VCard downloadable on most phones).

For some other examples of how business are integrating QR Codes into their business cards check out dzineblog's 20 QR Code Business Cards Design Inspiration. To generate your own QR Codes for free online we use delivr's QR Code Generator.

Tumblr is the latest in sharing online, allowing users to share blog posts, photos, videos, and links quickly and easily. You can follow other Tubmlrs and repost their content, just like on Twitter, but unlike Twitter you can share more than 140 characters.

To follow us on Tumblr visit If you have a tumblr login then click on follow in the upper right hand corner to have our content streamed right to your tumblr dashboard.

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