Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Expanding the Discussion about Your Freedoms

While it may seem obvious to those of us who live here and sometime take our freedoms for granted, what makes the United States of America such a great place to live is that the design of our government and legal system is based on the protection of freedoms.  The founding fathers recognized, because of their recent violent fight with a tyrannical government, that authority will always seek more authority over the governed.  Therefore, the only government that stood a chance of respecting the freedoms of individuals was one built first on principles that outlined those freedoms.

In the past, this blog has concentrated primarily on debt relief and bankruptcy.  While you might not necessarily associate that subject with other fundamental freedoms, bankruptcy is one of the oldest laws in the United States, and was included in the original 1787 draft of the U.S. Constitution. In fact, the originating language is older than the Bill of Rights. The Founding Fathers recognized that a system of laws was necessary to protect the “honest but unfortunate debtor”, and such laws were in the general interest of the country and its citizens.

While we will continue to cover bankruptcy news and provide information about options for obtaining financial freedom, we will also begin including posts on this blog specific to other freedoms provided for by our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  We hope that you continue to frequent our site for news about financial freedom, criminal defense rights and protections, and freedom from infringement on the individual right to bear firearms.  We also invite you to leave your thoughts and join the debate in the comments section of our posts.

Many people are proud to stand up for, and take advantage of, their constitutional protections – and they should be. From its original incarnation and its amendments over the years, such protections have become the cornerstone of our society, our government and our way of life.


  1. I appreciate the reminder that bankruptcy is a protection of the debtor and originated centuries ago in our constitution. We have more protections for the bankrupt citizen than many other countries, even though bankruptcy is never ideal.
    Thanks for the blog post. Looking forward to more discussion on freedoms on this site.

  2. We are indeed a lucky country to have laws to protect the "honest but unfortunate debtor," as opposed to the countries where debtors are basically left without rights or protections.


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