Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bankruptcy & Other Litigation: A Ten Part Series

A bankruptcy case can impact other litigation in many ways.  Some cases will be halted automatically by the filing of a bankruptcy due to the automatic stay.  Others might not be stopped, but might not be controlled by the bankruptcy trustee.  And some cases may not be affected at all.  Navigating these interactions can be difficult even for attorneys who are experts in other areas of the law if they don't practice in the bankruptcy court.

The next ten posts will outline how bankruptcy cases can interact and may affect different types of litigation.  In the following posts we will cover how a bankruptcy case can affect or be affected by these types of cases:

#1: Divorce
#2: Post-Divorce
#3: Collections - Plaintiff Bankruptcy
#4: Collections - Defendant Bankruptcy
#5: Evictions - Landlord Bankruptcy
#6: Evictions - Tenant Bankruptcy
#7: Foreclosures
#8: Personal Injury & Torts - Plaintiff Bankruptcy
#9: Personal Injury & Torts - Defendant Bankruptcy
#10: Criminal Cases

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