Thursday, February 2, 2012

Why Bring an Attorney to the 341 Meeting?

Each petition under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 of the United States Bankruptcy Code will have a meeting of creditors, commonly referred to as the "341 Meeting". If you are represented by an attorney at your 341 Meeting, your attorney will sit next to you when your case is called by the trustee. Usually, your attorney will not be required to speak much, as the trustee will ask you questions directly. Although the lion's share of the work that your attorney will put into your case will be prior to your 341 Meeting, there are certainly advantages of your attorney being with you.

Having your attorney there gives you certain advantages over going alone. First and foremost, you are benefiting from the attorney's experience and knowledge as to the intricacies of a complex field of law. Your attorney will know how to treat each of your assets and debts, and what the trustee is looking for, as well as how to fill out your schedules.

Second, an attorney will know how to explain areas where your case might be interpreted against your interests if not properly and carefully explained to the trustee.

Third, your attorney is another set of eyes that can refresh your memory if you forget anything on your schedules. The trustee has the ability to ask about anything that you have filed, and having another person familiar with your case sitting next to you can help if your memory fails you.

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