Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Paying for Debt That isn't Yours: Facts and Figures on Identity Theft

Somewhere between 9 and 11 million Americans are victims of some type of identity theft every year, with total losses over $50 billion. These victims are not just the result of sloppy online habits; even standard day-to-day practices like paying by check, mailing documents or improperly disposing of financial documents creates the risk of identity theft.

According to a recent NakedLaw by Avvo report, the threat of identity theft (and the financial risk associated with such theft can be mitigated by simple practices, such as password protection for electronic information, shredding personal documents, and keeping an eye on your credit report regularly.

For the whole story, please read the full NakedLaw article: Is the Threat of Identity Theft Overblown?

Whenever you are working to clean up your financial future, you always must be proactive about avoiding future risks, in addition to correcting past mistakes.

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