Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Just Filed My Chapter 7 Case - Now What?

With many clients, once the attorney and client have reviewed the bankruptcy petition, schedules, statements, worksheets and calculations, and their case is ready to file, I am often met with a perplexed look and a question:

"So what happens next?"

What happens next is a flurry of deadlines and court control dates, some of which require the client's participation (such as responding to the Trustee's requests for additional information), some do not require the client's participation, and others may require the attorney's participation, depending on how the case progresses.

Often, the client is overwhelmed with the detail and the numerous dates, and simply wants to know that they will get their discharge in "about four months". However, some clients with more complex cases appreciate the added detail, which is why we have added a convenient Chapter 7 Timeline to our website.

The new addition allows a client or prospective client to input their Chapter 7 Filing Date and Section 341(a) hearing date (if known), and will output a scaled timeline with the important dates. Links to the relevant portions of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code and the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure are also included for cross reference at the bottom of the timeline page.

We hope this tool will help clients, prospective clients and attorneys alike better understand and navigate the meticulous and often trap-ridden world of bankruptcy law.

If you have any questions regarding Kelsey & Trask, P.C.'s Chapter 7 Timeline, please contact Attorney Matthew Trask at 508.655.5980.

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