Monday, August 15, 2011

FAQ #4: What does it cost to file for bankruptcy?

Court filing fees (the fees for filing your petition) for bankruptcy vary depending on the chapter you are filing under, but initially plan on $274.00 for Chapter 13 and $299.00 for Chapter 7. If you need to change your petition after it is a filed, there is an additional $26.00 filing fee.

In addition to court fees, there will be legal fees, i.e. what you pay to your Bankruptcy Attorney to analyze your case, review your purchase history to avoid non-dischargability issues (meaning you still owe money to a creditor after bankruptcy), make recommendations regarding when you should file and under which chapter, preparing your petition, schedules and disclosures, and representing you at the §341(a) Creditor’s Meeting. Each attorney offers slightly different services, and charges different amounts. You should speak with your attorney to understand his or her fee structure, and always get the fee agreement in writing.

At Kelsey & Trask, P.C. our fees are calculated based on how complicated the case is and we have provided a simple online calculator for you to easily determine the flat fee for your case.

If you don't see your question and would like more information please do not hesitate to call us at 508.655.5980, e-mail us, or attend one of our weekly Free Debt Relief Clinics.

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